The Full Package

Not every author needs every feature, but our most robust sites include the following:

  • A clean, concise home page which immediately conveys the essence of your work

  • A page for each of your books, each with: 3D book art, flap copy, blurbs and buy buttons to several vendors

  • Series pages to help readers classify your work into series

  • Bio page

  • Contact page

  • Squeeze page and freebie workflow

  • Integrated blog and / or events calendar / speaking gigs and school visits

  • Sign-up page to capture newsletter subscribers

  • Privacy page with disclosures for affiliate links, newsletter privacy policies and tracking pixel disclosures

  • Social media links on every page

  • Contact page so your readers can reach out to you

  • Blogger page and / or press packet

  • Teaser page

  • Awards you've won and blurbs you've received

  • Excellent metadata for search engine optimization. We want readers to find you!