Does your author website have the right kind of hustle?

  • Does it showcase your cover art on every page, helping readers form a visual bond with your book?

  • Can it offer and then deliver a sample or freebie in exchange for a newsletter sign-up?

  • Does it offer visitors a way to sign up for your newsletter without managing to annoy?

  • Can it provide you with a new stream of income selling swag, paperbacks and e-books right from your site?

  • Does it offer reviewers information and access for promotional opportunities?

  • Does it send your reader to her favorite e-book retailer with an obvious, cheerful link?

I’m so glad I chose Authorclicks to design my author website. They were easy to work with, extremely helpful, and delivered a gorgeous, fast-loading site that looks fantastic on multiple devices.
— Author Jennifer Lazaris

We Believe

  • Authors should only pay once to build out a website they can maintain themselves without using code.

  • Personal branding is overrated on an author site.

    There's a school of thought suggesting that authors try to brand themselves via imagery, because cover art is always changing. But, in the immortal words of Austin Powers, that's not our bag, baby. We believe extra website imagery that doesn't help your reader remember your cover art or series art is distracting as well as potentially expensive. Our motto: books first!

  • A visitor’s question should be answered within one click.

    We want readers to form a bond with your material. But we also want that next sale on a vendor site. So we're going to make excellent use of your visitors' time when they land on your site, and then ship 'em off to buy a book as soon as possible.

  • Substance matters at least as much as style.

    Much of what we build into our sites isn't obvious to the naked eye. An author's website should do the following things:

    • Immediately deliver the essence of your books

    • Capture mailing list subscribers as efficiently as possible without being annoying

    • Have seamless e-commerce functions for both signed books and eBooks, in case the author decides to use them

    • Onboard bloggers and reviewers, bringing them into the fold

    • Warehouse teasers and other graphics for your fans to share with others

  • Your site should have kick-ass SEO so readers can find you when they search

  • It should look good on every mobile platform. 60% of your visitors will view your site on their phones.

I am so pleased with the work AuthorClicks did! My website is not only functional and professional, but it conveys my branding seamlessly! The best part? They made sure I was comfortable with how to maintain the page myself to make sure it’s always fresh. I couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend, five stars all the way!
— Author Lisa B. Kamps


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