New Product: Pre-made Websites


Why Pre-made sites?

Normally, we build everything custom, for prices ranging from $1200 to $2200, depending on the author's needs. This is an experiment on our part! We have a couple of author websites for sale, pre-made. They will be sold for $600, and the buyer will have to do some of the work by filling in her own content. The goal is to produce quality websites for less than half the cost.

Okay, but What is a Pre-Made Site?

Good question! It's a sleek, simple site that has been designed with an author's needs in mind. All the basics are built, but the buyer must populate the site with all her own descriptive text and buy-links. For example, on the book pages you'll see: Here is where the description of the book should be! And the buyer will edit that text.

Will You Customize it for Me?

We will customize three things: 

  • 3D covers. We will produce 3D cover art from your flat cover images, if you desire. Five of these are included in the price of your site, and additional ones are $5 each. 
  • Don't like pink? Does the accent color clash with your cover art? Don't worry, we'll adjust the accent color after you load up some of your cover art.
  • The logo art will obviously need to be changed. If you already have logo art, it's easily swapped. Otherwise, we will create a new logo from your author name, with one simple icon graphic. In other words, a revision of the simple logo art that's showing on the pre-made site. We can do this at any point, but if you want color, you should wait until your cover art is present to ask us to do this.

Experience the Sites!

"Susie Author" is for sale for $600. See it here. (Choose "Visitor Access.")

"Jo Author" is for sale for $600. See it here. (Choose "Visitor Access.")

NOTE: The design fee is a one-time payment. But buyers of these designs will also need to subscribe to a Squarespace plan at either $144 or $216 a year.