Welcome Back!

Occasionally I'll post content and tips here. There's even more to see on the blog, including some Deep Thoughts about your metrics / webstats. 

New Buttons

The Squarespace button block will always be useful because it's so quick. In ten seconds or less, you can make one to say anything. But the buttons resize depending on the length of text. So "Buy at Amazon" and "Buy at Kobo" will be different shapes, which is frustrating.

So I've begun making custom buttons, and I want to offer them to you for the major retailers. If you click on any of the buttons below, you will download the button to your own computer.

How to use them?

1. Download them to a folder where you'll keep them.

2. On your book page, make an insertion point above your old buttons. Click to add an "IMAGE" (which is the button.)

When the image dialogue box appears:

3. Upload the image of the button

4. Choose "Do Not Display Caption"

5. Scroll down and LINK the image to the external vendor site for your book. (http://Amazon.com/etc!)

Remember: a button is just a picture with a link attached to it. That's all we're doing. So here they are at 200 pixels:

And here they are at 175 pixels:

Social Blocks

I want to point out a feature that I don't always include on sites, because I'm really not sure how I feel about it. But I had a client recently who depends on social media for a great deal of her reach, so I want to make sure that you know it's available to you!

Before each website is complete, I have clients go into the settings and hook up their social media accounts. The icons then appear in the footer like magic, all linked up and ready to go. But I want you to know that you can promote these babies in other spots on your site if you want to. On any Squarespace "PAGE" you can add something called a "social block. You'd make an insertion point and then scroll down through the (million) choices to this one, near the bottom: 

That weird little...molecule pulls in a tidy copy of your social icons. And there are style choices like size, shape and color. Watch while I pull in a few versions right in a row. Ready?

You can sprinkle these anywhere you wish, as long as it's on a "page" and not, say, a gallery. Enjoy!